Black Friars – Ideas and Sketches

The Start

I see this in the form of a memoir, perhaps written by one of our “Black Friars”. And maybe, it is something he should not be writing, in case it fell into the wrong hands, but decided to do so anyway

It could be said that writing any sort of memoir is an exercise in vanity; for it presupposes that some other persons might be interested in the comings and goings of the writer’s life. I do not know if I am guilty of said vanity, for even as I write, I am fully aware that the very existence of this narrative could pose a great threat to those portrayed herein, should the content ever come to light…

Cleaning Up

It might be the case that our “Black Friars” have to take an active part in maintaining the illusion. So what would one of them do if, say, one of his charges had left a victim for dead and not had the chance to disguise the wounds?

The dwelling was one of the many dilapidated ones in the maze of narrow streets and alleyways around the less salubrious parts of Shadwell. The crumbling brickwork, flaking paint and rotten window-frames spoke of neglect and probably absentee landlords…


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