Serendipity Island

Imagine a place where things are different; a place where the mores and attitudes that made your life difficult are no more, where one can make a new life unencumbered by the past. Such is the Island of Serendipity, where our hero, Edmund Cussons, visits after chancing upon a very peculiar shop…

Chapter 1

In which Edmund, our hero, discovers a very strange travel agency and decides to get away from it all…

Chapter 2

In which Edmund prepares for his journey and takes a train to Southampton..

Chapter 3

I which Edmund boards a ship, discovers international food and sets out to sea…

Chapter 4

In which Edmund gets used to life at sea…

Chapter 5

In which Edmund gets his first sight of Serendipity Island…

Chapter 6

In which Edmund learns a little more about the island…

Chapter 7

In which Edmund feeds some hens and meets a beautiful lady…

Chapter 8

In which Edmund explores the headland, meets a beautiful young man in the woods, and makes a new friend…

Chapter 9

In which Edmund gains an insight into dovetail joints and sonnets, delivers some eggs and gets himself put in charge of a construction project…

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