Other Blogs and Websites


Jasper Cove on Second Life – Where it all takes place

Jasper Cove Website – Information about Jasper Cove and roleplaying there


I am not the only one recording my RP in blog format…

The Jasper Cove Blog
– Blog entries derived from roleplay and updated by the sim admin team

Nathaniel’s Blog – What you are reading.

Aoibheann’s Diary – The keeper of the Lucky Leaf Tavern (and all-round nice person).

Bloodlust and Betrayal – The journals of Vedis Seid, one of the nicest demons I know.

Gwyneth Evans’ Journal – The very essence of best things in small packages

Wren’s Wanderings – Diary of a Patrolman

Mitternacht’s Mutterings – Diary of a Unicorn, Baker and Confectioner

My Castle On A Cloud – The adventures of Kale James Wells-Shirling, aged 5


Places I go for materials, information, inspiration…

Graphics and stuff

While I have some skill with graphics, it is often easier to start with some resources by people with real skills.

Deviant Art – My go to resource when I want paper textures and other graphic stuff for the “props” I put in this blog.


Nathaniel is a product of Victorian England – occasionally I have to remind myself what that was like

Mostly Victorian – great for reprinsts of newspaper articles and stuff like that
Dictionary of Victorian London – All sorts of great resources, extracts from reports, books, newspapers etc


News From Nowhere – William Morris’ classic fantasy and utopian vision – part of the inspiration for Nathaniel’s work – Serendipity Island, as portrayed in this blog.


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