Who, What, Where, Why?

So, What’s it All About?

The people and places mentioned here in this blog all relate to one or more Role-Playing Sims on Second Life. Most of the stuff in this blog is written from the point of view of Nathaniel Ballard and mostly concern his adventures in Jasper Cove. Some reference is made to Nathaniel’s history, which includes his time in the now closed Sim – Legacies 1891. In case you can’t work out who is who, here is the place to look.

Full Name – Nathaniel Ballard, also known as Nate or Nathan, both of which he dislikes. Born in 1849 in Chatham, Kent, England to moderately well-off middle-class parents. His father, Willia, owned a construction business. His mother, Ida, was a socialite, tireless campaigner of good causes and proto-feminist. It was from her that Nathaniel gained his love of literature, poetry and music. Nathaniel received a good education, trained in accountancy and took a job with the Haskins International Shipping Company as a purser, eventually rising to the rank of Chief Purser on the SS Odiham Castle. His early life as a sailor involved a lot of drinking and whoring, but he eventually calmed down when his relationship with Alexandra became more serious. Then, one time, during a trip to Bremerhaven, he met Katharina, who later embraced him and made him vampire.
Katharina Mossbauer, a powerful vampire who became Nathaniel’s sire when he accidentally disturbed her while sleeping. Current whereabouts unknown, at least, to Nathaniel.
Alexandra May O’Connor, later Ballard. Nathaniel’s late wife, having died giving birth to their son, Arthur. She was the daughter of Major (retd) Fergus & Mrs Edwina O’Connor and distantly related to the Haskins family who own Haskins International Shipping.
Ashmourne Wylds
A faerie realm, connected by some mysterious passage to Jasper Cove in its last days. When Jasper Cove fell to forces as yet unknown, many of the residents, including Nathaniel, fled across that bridge. Would that his journey had been that simple
Jasper Cove
An island somehow separated from space and time, where all sorts of strange things can happen. A Sim on Second Life. As of May 2013, Jasper Cove had to close and many residents escaped to Ashmourne Wylds
Legacies, aka Isle of Legacies, London
Isle of Legacies, together with Asphodel Meadows, 1891, Beyond Darkness and Torn Oak, made up a sadly now closed Sim on Second Life. Nathaniel was created to play in that Sim and retains many of his memories from there, and his backstory from before he arrived.
Torn Oak
One of the Sims that formed part of Legacies 1891 and somehow escaped the destructive forces that swallowed Legacies. Loosely connected to Jasper Cove.
Serenity Falls
Another Sim formed by escapees from Legacies. Again, loosely connected to Jasper Cove.
Serendipity Island
At some point during his adventures in Jasper Cove, Nathaniel decided he wanted to write a book about some fictional utopian near future. Loosely based on his adventures in Jasper Cove and inspired by William Morris’ News from Nowhere. Not a Sim (at least, not yet)
Edmund Cussons
Edmund Cussons, the protagonist and narrator of Nathaniel’s book, Serendipity Island. A former academic, disgraced after an affair with a student, who decides to get away from it all after an encounter with a very strange travel agent.

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