Nathaniel Ballard is my creation, as are his background and most of the characters therein, save where they are other player characters mentioned in the story. That much is therefore © 2012, Ian Walden.  He can be found on Second Life under the Avatar name of BenBold.

Nathaniel would not be the character he is today without role-playing that took place with all the wonderful characters and their players who occupied the much missed Second Life Sim – Legacies 1891. Much credit is therefore due to them, and in particular, the creator of Legacies, Trijin Bade. Those characters very much belong to their creators, and where I have put words in their mouths, I trust I have been true to those characters if not to the precise record of the role-play (My memory is not that good).

Nathaniel’s further development since arriving in Jasper Cove would not have happened without all the wonderful characters herein. Those characters belong to their players and any descriptions thereof and words attributed thereto are entirely the product of Nathaniel’s personal opinions and imperfect memory.

Credit is due to the various Second Life artists who created the various parts that make up Nathaniel’s avatar and clothing. Individual credit will have to await me having the patience to go through my inventory and work out who they all are.

Screencaps are mostly my work, but obviously the content therein belongs to the creators of this place.

Paper texture for the newspaper cutting – Old Paper by StruckDumb on Deviant Art
Paper texture for extracts from Nathaniel’s journal – Paper007 by Hibbary on Deviant Art
Paper texture for Chapter extracts of Serenity Island – Paper7 by Bleeding Dragon on DeviantArt
Paper texture for “How it Began” on About Page –Paper2 by Bleeding Dragon on DeviantArt

Font for Nathaniel’s journal extracts – Homemade Apple by Font Diner at Fontspace

The character of Nathaniel was developed from ideas I had for another character intended for a Vampire: The Masquerade (2nd Ed – yes, I am that old) campaign that never happened. While this is not a V:TM setting, some elements may have crept through and those elements belong to White Wolf Publishing.

“A White Hen” (quoted in Chapter 7 of Serendipity Island) by Christina Georgina Rossetti from “A Nursery Rhyme Book” originally published in 1893. Most recent publication I could find was a 1968 PB reprint by Dover Publications. Only copyright information I could find was for original versions, and one archive site that claims it is out of copyright. If you know better, please let me know.

Picture of Nathaniel in “It Never Rains, Pt 2” captured and ‘shopped by Gwyn.

Theatrical poster border in A Dark and Stormy Night by BeInspyred on Deviant Art. Piano image in same post from GraphicsFairy.

Picture of Valerian in To Sleep, Perchance to Dream from Florida Centre for Instructional Technology clip-art collection.


2 thoughts on “Credits

  1. Gosh, I’ve had to dig deep to find out the identity of my new follower, Ian Michael Walden! 😀 maybe you thought I already knew that is your pseudonym… I’ve read your postings via Facebook, but didn’t twig you are the author. 🙂 You now that bit about “give me a clue who you are when you follow me”? that! 😀
    PS I really like your writing.

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