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A Site Map of Sorts

Trying to find your way around? Wondering what the various sections on the sidebar are about? Confused about the various realities? That’s what this page is for – an explanation of sorts – what to expect on the different pages.
If you want to know people are, where these places exist and so on, use the handy glossary.

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(What you will find in the content section of the page)
(What’s it all about…. Alfie?)
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Feline Infurno
Nathaniel deals with cats, fireballs and demons. Oh, and offers Lalla a place to stay…

Magic Potatoes
The mystery concerning Anna deepens…
A Stitch In Time
Nathaniel meets a seamstress…

An Introdukshun
Nathaniel advises Aoibheann on keeping a journal…

What Would Mother Say?
Nathaniel receives a business proposal…

Baked Goods?
Nathaniel has problems with modern idiom…

Poster Boy
Nathaniel prepares for a party…

Child of Solitude
Nathaniel decides to write a book…

Draconian Measures
Nathaniel finds himself working bar, and doing the accounts…

Plus ca Change
And another familiar face, but from when?

A Familiar Demon
Nathaniel meets another old face, and she does remember him…

Loaves and Fishes
Nathaniel meets the owner of the Lucky Leaf Tavern…

Angels and Enigmas
Nathaniel meets an angel, and an old face. But she does not know him…
Choices, Choices…
The first entry – how Nathaniel came to be in Jasper Cove…
As a character, Nathaniel has kept a journal or diary since he was 12 years old. These posts represent his journal during the course of his life in Jasper Cove. A record of the day’s events, his thoughts and speculations on related matters and anything else that it occurs to him to write, much as anybody would who keeps a diary. The entries are not meant to be a blow-by-blow account of the role-play so much as his record of it, written at the end of the day, or the following day (usually the day after a session of RP). As such, they may not be an entirely accurate representation, as they are subject to his memory (and mine, though if I am unsure, I check the logs), and his point of view.Sometimes, the journal entries occur when there has been downtime between RP sessions, and these entries reflect what he did during his ‘spare time’ and there is no corresponding roleplay.The blog format uses a most recent first posting order, so if you are coming to the blog for the first time, you will need to scroll down to find the first entry – Choice Choices

At some point, the section to the left will indicate key entries in the story.

About Who are all these people, what is the blog about and so on? Just as any good “about” page should be
A Story Told… A Conversation with a Captain
Another Title
Yet Another Title
Nathaniel was 32 years old when he became a vampire.  He spent six years as a vampire having adventures of his own before he arrived in the now closed Second Life Sim called “Legacies 1891”.  Those 38 years form part of the background and back-story I developed when I created the character.Nathaniel played in Legacies 1891 for 18 months, further developing his character, until that Sim closed down.Much of his life would have been recorded in his diaries, but sadly, much has been lost in one shipwreck or another.  These pages are his attempt to summarise key periods in his life prior to arriving in Jasper Cove, for the benefit of future historians.
Nathaniel’s Pen Serendipity Island

Other Writings
Although Nathaniel has always been a keen diarist, he hasn’t often indulged in creative writing.  A few short stories when he was younger and the occasional dreadful “romantic” poem.  Finding himself with leisure time in Jasper Cover (aka nights when I log in and there is nobody else there), he had decided to write a book. These pages are the chapters of that book as he writes them.  He will occasionally mention this in his diary entries, where you may find the odd extract in his own handwriting. Other fiction writing, as he gets inspired by those around him, will also appear here.
Finding Your Way This page Just in case you are having difficulty working out what is what.  If you still can’t, pop along to Jasper Cove and message Nathaniel’s player – BenBold Resident.
Who, What, Where, Why? A glossary entry
Another glossary entry
Just in case you need to catch up and are not sure who various people, places etc referenced are, here’s where to look.
Other Blogs and Websites This Blog
Another Blog
Yet Another Blog
Other characters have their diaries/journals/blogs. Here is where to find them. Also, various resources I use for graphics items, research into thing Victorian etc.
The OOCly Bits Dated news item
Dated news item
Most of this blog is in-character, written by and/or about Nathaniel and his friends. Any Out Of Character bits will go here.
Credits Where credit is due Copyright message for my stuff, due credit to the various online artists who created some of the graphic elements I used – e.g. the paper textures for the journal extracts etc.

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