The OOCly bits

All the stuff that’s fit to OOC

Out Of Character – Anything that is said or done by the player, rather than the character and is not part of the story or role-play. Likely to be general banter, jokes, comments on RPed items, and the best place for indicating to other players that you have to answer the phone/call of nature/door, log off and go to work, reboot the machine and so on

Welcome to the OOC Pages…

Most of this blog is about Nathaniel and his adventures in Jasper Cove, plus his attempts at literature. However, in order for there to be a place where the author can give voice, I have created this “The OOCly Bits” page. Anything said here is not part of the story, though it may include comments on the story, explanations where something seems out of keeping with Nathaniel’s normal behaviour etc. There may also be news, jokes, and the occasional bit of meta…

It starts just below here, and I will try to keep the new bits at the top.

An End and a Beginning
Second Life is called that for a reason, it comes after real life. And such are the demands of real life that sometimes, things have to change. Jasper Cove, which has been my Second Life home since September has to close because of things in real life. My thanks go to Alec and Isabella for being our hosts for so long, and I look forward to continuing to play with them in our new home – Ashmourne Wylds. Thanks to them also for the storyline that covers the transition. Thanks are also due to Alec & Sophia for the awesome RP that forms so much of this latest entry – Shards of Reality. I do not know what will happen in this new home, but be assured, Nathaniel’s adventures will continue there, and will continue to be chronicled in these pages.
Dreams – 3 May
I found where I had posted the start of the Alter-Nate time-line story and thought it would be fun to include bits of it into Nathaniel’s dream for this entry. I may post the rest of it some time.
Reorganisation 16 March
It is likely that Nathaniel will expand the range of his creative writing to more than just Serendipity Island. For this reason, the Serendipity pages have been reorganised under a new page – Nathaniel’s Pen, which will also host such other writings as he may come out with.
100 Posts! 14 March
With the post Making Light Again, Nathaniel’s blog reached its 100th entry. It scarcely seems possible. And it would not have been without all the great players and their characters that populate Jasper Cove. Without them, this blog would probably consist of rather morose and increasingly delusional poetry as Nathaniel slowly lost his mind from boredom
March 2013
RP and updates to blog somewhat curtailed by a nasty virus rendering me (more) insensible for the past week, and the loss of my reading glasses, making reading my screen just that little more tiring. Virus is abating and new glasses are ordered, so hope to be back in the saddle properly very soon.
Pirate Dreams
Nathaniel’s dream in the entry “White Rabbits” was actually a brief visit to another sim to see some friends, which I did in the guise of one of Nathaniel’s ancestors. If you like things piratey, do pay them a visit.
December 2012/January 2013 – Excuse my crooked smile
First Life somewhat got in the way of things. Various financial pressures caused a certain amount of stress over the holiday period. This was not helped by the breakdown of my PC, which developed a nasty habit of switching itself off at random intervals. It eventually needed a replacement motherboard, CPU and RAM, which didn’t exactly contribute to reducing stress. So, for a couple of weeks, I was restricted to the very limited SL access I had from my elderly laptop, which can barely crawl SL, let alone run it. A viral infection leading to Bell’s Palsy didn’t exactly help either. Anyway, as of 23 January, PC is back up and running, so hopefully, Nathaniel will be about a little more and maybe might even update his blog.
11 December 2012 – Concerning temperatures
In case anybody is wondering about Gwyn’s temperature in A Very Cold Fever, the point here is that I have assumed that a futuristic device would use the Celsius scale (normal body temp 37°C), whereas Nathaniel would be more familiary with Farenheit (normal body temp 98°F). So, to him, 38° would be a little above freezing (32°F = 0°C).
5-9 December 2012 – More sleep happened
Almost all night, every night. Managed some RP but not much. I will be back
4 December 2012 – Sleep happened
Contrary to expectation, the demon sleep had decided to start claiming me during the conventional night here in the UK, hence my absence from regular RP for the last couple of nights. I will be back.
3 December 2012 – Nathaniel now has a Twitter
Of course, Nathaniel has no idea what a Twitter is ( although some characters from later times have mentioned them), but I thought it would be fun for him to have one anyway. Length limitations meant that I had to settle for @nathanielbalard with only the one L in the surname. All the other combinations I tried – NathanielB, NateBallard, NathanBallard etc were taken…. bastards! Given Nathaniel’s natural prolixity, 140 characters might be a challenge for him 🙂

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